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System Start-Ups

Start-ups are a sign that spring is right around the corner.  Within our industry, we try to begin start-ups around the first sign of spring but you don't want to turn the water back on before the ground finishes thawing out.  Turning systems on while the ground is still frozen is a bad idea - we try to wait until the temperature is steady and will not dip below freezing.

Wet Checks

After the systems have been running for a while throughout the spring season, we do a lot of Wet Checks. We like to go to our properties and run through the zones to make sure nothing is broken and check to see if there are any wet areas on the property.  Anything out of the normal causing an excessive amount of water to leak is what we are looking for.  Breaks in pipes from the heat, broken heads from being run over by machines, or even old material that is not working properly anymore.

Irrigation Repairs

When it comes to irrigation, repairs are a big part of the industry.  We evaluate each and every property the same - we run through all system zones on the control box and make sure everything is functioning properly.  If any heads or nozzles are broken or there are any breaks in the system lines, we talk with the property owner and give them an estimate on what it would cost to get the system up and running 100% again.

System Upgrades

Upgrades are needed from time to time in this industry.  Whether you had a system installed wrong or you are looking to get better coverage out of your existing system.  We can only do so much depending on what amount of water can be pushed through the lines in your current system - It all depends on flow. A thorough evaluation will determine the upgrade possibilities.

System Installs

Irrigation Installs are a big part of what we do.   If someone wants an install, we will meet with the customer and go over what they are looking for when it comes to a system.   We will flag out the property and get an estimated figure on what needs to be installed.  We install all of our lines with a vibratory plow; this machine makes it possible to install a system without tearing up an entire property while doing it.


Getting your irrigation system properly winterized is very important.  We try to get all systems blown out by the first week of November. We use a commercial size air compressor to carefully blow all the water out of the lines. The weather in Missouri is always tricking us so it's better to do this sooner than later.  Waiting until the last minute can be very costly for homeowners or businesses.  If you don't winterize your irrigation system before a big freeze, then you run the risk of having your entire system shatter and all the pipes underground will be destroyed.

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